The Hidden Planet: Science-Fiction Adventures On Venus

New York, New York: Ace Books, Inc., 1959. Ed Emshwiller (cover). 1st Edition. Soft cover. Very good paperback copy of "The Hidden Planet: Scinece-Fiction Adventures on Venus" edited by Donald A. Wollheim. 1st edition / 1st Ace Books printing D-354 with a cover price of 35 cents. Spine edge wear. Store stamp on blurb page. Slight slant to spine. Other edge wear. Tight and otherwise clean. Enjoy this anthology: Introduction (The Hidden Planet) essay by Donald A. Wollheim, Field Expedient (1955) novelette by Chad Oliver, Venus Mission (1951) novelette by J. T. McIntosh, The Luck of Ignatz (1939) novelette by Lester del Rey, The Lotus Eaters [Ham Hammond] (1935) novelette by Stanley G. Weinbaum, Terror Out of Space (1944) novelette by Leigh Brackett! Very Good. Item #1832

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